Axis Studios returns with its ninth cinematic trailer for Magic: The Gathering, Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion. The trailer has everyone talking, trending worldwide at almost 10M views in 24hrs with no signs of letting go of any of its momentum. 

Axis stood as a full creative partner in development with Wizards of the Coast which sees the continuation of the successful relationship from the first high-end CG trailer to promote its Magic The Gathering: War of the Spark set.

Set in the ancient plane of Dominaria, the evil Phyrexians through nefarious means have taken root in Dominaria with deadly sleeper agents. Witness the epic battle between two former friends and allies: Ajani Goldmane who was compleated by the Phyrexians into a sleeper agent and Teferi, an ancient planeswalker who has mastered time manipulation.

One of the main challenges of the trailer was to create the powerful and well-known character, Ajani. Creating the one-eyed albino cat warrior required close collaboration and constant communication between many departments and director Jon Yeo to translate human expression and movement into the feline form.