Diablo® Immortal reveals a hidden chapter in the Diablo story. Axis created the launch trailer to uncover the ancient evils and variety of characters awaiting in the online RPG.

Led by Director Sava Zivkovic, the team created a dramatic, hyperreal character piece over 73 seconds long, centred around 6 main characters. In rich detail, audiences new and long-lasting are immersed in the demon-infested environments of the game, whilst the heroic demon-hunters fend them off in an adrenaline-filled battle of good versus evil.

The project used MOCAP and keyframe animation to create palpable performances for each character being introduced, with all being built from the ground up by Axis. Having previously collaborated with Blizzard on a rejuvenation of the classic RPG Diablo II: Resurrected, it was brilliant to collaborate with them again.