Destiny 2: Lightfall is the penultimate installment of an epic decade-long saga in the Destiny universe. Axis Studios were honoured to collaborate with Bungie to build towards the conclusion of an immensely deep and richly detailed narrative.

The creation of the Lightfall cinematics led by award-winning Axis co-founder Stuart Aitken and Director Sava Zivkovic shows fans and players the ultimate “big bad” of the latest revealed villain, “The Witness,” from the previous year's “Witch Queen” campaign.  Lightfall overall represented the biggest cinematic effort yet in Axis’ collaboration with Bungie, covering 10 separate cinematics and over 17 minutes of richly rendered material with many separate threads and storylines coming together at last.

The character and FX departments had an especially large mountain to climb with numerous complex and large scale set pieces to deliver and over 30 individual characters that all had various parts to play in bringing the story to the audience. The entire team rose admirably to the challenge.