Axis Studios returns with an all new cinematic trailer, created in close partnership with Supercell, to promote the annual Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam event.

In the full CG cinematic, led by Director Olly Reid, the team created a 90’s style hip-hop music video aesthetic, complete with graffiti-covered environments, DJ set-ups and established Clash of Clans characters as we’ve never seen them before. The release marks Axis’ third collaborative journey with Supercell, where they entrusted the team with creating a trailer that was a departure from their usual style, whilst maintaining the classic Clash vibe that fans and players know and love.

As part of bringing the hip-hop music video feel, the team used fish-eye lenses throughout; something not previously done in any Axis Studios project. They successfully implemented this style into the production pipeline in a way that worked for all departments, allowing them to push for the distinctive visuals desired for this cinematic.