Re-uniting with Amazon Games, Axis Studios created the trailer for the much-anticipated expansion of the hit MMO New World, titled ‘Rise of the Angry Earth’. Directed by Abed Abonomous, the bold and daring cinematic grants audiences the opportunity to view the world of Aeternum with a wolf as their guide.

Telling the story through lush and breathtaking imagery, New World is an epic adventure that promotes a longing for discovery and exploration of the grand, surprising and dangerous places that New World offers. As a hyperreal CG trailer with an alien feel, the vibrancy of all the different elements of the environment makes the viewer feel like they are in the world.  Across the cinematic the look shifts from innocent to foreboding seamlessly.

Abed Abonomous, Director commented: “When you are veering off the beaten path and trying to do something different you need a team with conviction that thrives in the challenge.  With the team, there was a lot of eagerness and ability to try something new and push beyond the boundaries.”

To balance Naturalism with Hyperrealism while increasing the sense of atmosphere throughout the team employed colourist No8 London. Colourist Alex Gregory was brought onboard to soften the ‘digital edge’ off the images and help them sit in more of an organic, photographic world.

As the main protagonist, the Wolf is our guide as he journeys through an increasingly alien landscape. It's present in virtually every shot, from every angle, it needs to be realistic but at the same time his thoughts, feelings and reactions need to be clear.  There are so many little subtle movements that bring a character to life, all the various physicalities and ways of expressing feelings that show emotion and personality. That was important in expressing the wolf being taken over by the events around him and his eventual bond with the human.

Amy Ash, Head of Characters commented: “Collaboration and teamwork drive everything we do at Axis.  I am incredibly proud of what the team achieved, the wolf showcases Axis’ capabilities within creature animation superbly. Everyone was fully invested in creating the best work and the results are clear to see.”

Achieving Abed’s creative vision for the Wolf character and executing it technically so the wolf is believable required close collaboration between Axis’ teams.  Character development began with Concept Art and throughout production, constant dialogue between multiple teams. All technical aspects had artistic input and vice versa in service of creating truly wild believable creatures in pixel-perfect detail and so Abed’s intention for the piece was present in the final cinematic. 

Nicole Duncan, Executive Producer commented: ‘Watching the way the artists come together to solve creative challenges and push the boundaries of what is possible is what makes our work so exciting and the time and effort spent on the Wolf is really visible in the final product. It’s something everyone can be very proud of.’